Slow Burning Car is a rock band based out of Los Angeles featuring Troy Spiropoulos (Lead Vocals/Bass), Adam Idell (Drums/Backing Vocals), Steve Ornest (Lead and Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocal), Krista Ray (Backing and Lead Vocal), and Tommy Marcel (guitar/backing vocals). The band has self released four albums (Blowback 2007, Vol. 2-The Scattering 2009, Assumption 2013, Defection 2017), toured nationally and internationally (U.K.), received airplay (terrestrial/internet), received press (print/online), and have licensed music for the film “Crash Artist” (Cinebyte Productions 2008).

Troy Spiropoulos
Lead Vocals & Bass
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Tommy Marcel
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Adam Idell
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Krista Ray
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Steve Ornest
Lead/Rhythm Guitar
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