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Posted 06 Dec 2017 in News, Reviews

CD REVIEW: Defection by Slow Burning Car


RJ Frometa
What is that…? Is it…? Yes, its 90s Alternative music. The decade that saw this awesome genre born has making his way, not only with the return of many iconic, even staple bands of these particular genre; but also with the inception of some new talent that have been highly influenced by it.
Defection is aggressive in a very fun way, filled with heavy riffs and contagious excitement. All this can be felt immediately on the song “Alpha Duplicor.” But this track only sets the tone of an album that dives into the different aspects of Alternative music, even taking some time to get grungy, get a bit emo-tional or even raise their fist at the fast pace of punk. The way it has been produced, it does make you feel as you actually have bought a record of that era rather than a newly released album. The somewhat nasal and angsty tones in the vocals, the crazy solos and riffs – all the great elements of not only 90s rock music but Rock overall is there.
Another thing that makes this band and this material so great, is how the band isn’t afraid to experiment and play with both the music, but also the effects. Music these days feels way too manufactured, and a record like this remind us that things can still be made in an organic way and remain interesting.
If there were any negative thing to say is that, while every song feels a bit original, there are few elements that remain throughout the entire album that makes it feel a bit repetitive. Sometimes this approach works, sometimes it doesn’t. And certain tones in the vocals and instruments such as the guitar doesn’t change enough for the other new additions in the particular song feel more fresh. It´s just a nitpick, but it something I realized while listening to the album. So probably if they will go Garage, maybe go fully Garage Rock and so on.
Score 4/5
In the end, Defection is an amazing recount of an era that isn’t ready to die. Just when we thought the days Steriogram, Less than Jake and old school Green Day and Blink 182 were far gone, using what it could be consider a Frankenstein machine, have brought back to live what was once dead. It still has its flaws, but with all that, Defection is still a surprisingly great album.

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