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Slow Burning Car – Assumption

Assumption – the latest full-length release by Slow Burning Car pulls together elements from a variety of sectors loosely described as Modern Rock. Audiences may recognize familiar vibes from one or more points popular in Rock history woven differently into most tracks on this album. The pregnant question then points toward how effectively does Slow Burning Car define itself amid a series of semi-reliable hooks known to serve as crowd-pleasers? Join the audio jury and help to decide this question independently. The lyrical content on the album represents a menagerie of leap-frogging options, providing that something for everyone buffet of delights. Slow Burning Car may be a good choice for most suburban live music venues spanning the North American continent. Radio favorites appearing on Assumption might best embrace: “The Ghetto and the Sea”, “Carnaby Shuffle”, and (if available) a more condensed version of: (Tread) “Not on Me”. Mood shifters include: “Day Brightener”, and (Dear) “Amity”. More complex ballad developments appear in “Blake”, and “The Scorpio Complex”, which automatically qualifies as my personal favourite on this album due to the intentional inclusion of a repeated mantra; a familiar quotation referencing the DUNE series, written by Frank Herbert.

(Editor’s Note: Check out Jett’s review of “The Scattering”

Track listing :
01. The Ghetto and the Sea
02. Dimples
03. Kats
04. Carnaby Shuffle
05. Crocodile
06. Day Brightener
07. Not One Me
08. Midnight
09. Amity
10. Blake
11. The Scorpio Complex
12. Memosio

~Jett Black

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