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Posted 28 Mar 2011 in News, Reviews

Slow Burning Car -Vol. 2 – The Scattering

Surprisingly diverse and sometimes challenging to define, any thorough audition of this full length release will both amaze and delight a wide demographic of appreciative audiences.

Lyrical content song by song tends to range from epic sci-fi literature and cinematic favorites to staunchly political anti-establishmentarianism to still further remote genres that explore the collaborative interests and talents of each band-mate.

This writers favorites include the first two tracks which appeal to any sci-fi lore master; “Adama” references themes from Battlestar Gallactica; “Ghola” references various concepts from Frank Herbert’s Dune series.

In general, this album takes a listener on a swift yet provocative ride through various styles from crooning ballads, righteous indignation, and all-together glorious and hard-hitting Rock-n-Roll mayhem.

Jett Black

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