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Posted 30 Jan 2011 in News

Slow Burning Car

Live at the Brixton South Bay (11-20-10)

Redondo Beach, CA

By Charlie Steffens (of

A guitar-driven machine, known as Slow Burning Car, played full-throttle rock show with a fun, garage band attitude and great musicianship to a most appreciative crowd at the Brixton.

The Los Angeles quartet fronted by singer/bassist Troy Spiropoulos, played an impressive set of songs from Blowback, their debut, and the recently released Vol. 2 — The Scattering. Guitarist Brian Butler plays with a passion, emotion, and intensity characteristic of the greatest axesmiths in rock. Victor Bishop adds a whole new element to the hard rock genre – intimacy — with his keyboard playing. Under it all, drummer Mike Zimmerman holds propels the songs with a rare touch appropriate to both the harder and more relatively softer songs in the band’s life set.

The titanic, salubrious  sound of Slow Burning Car, though well-contained in the small club at the foot of the Redondo Beach Pier, ought be unharnessed to run wild in a larger venue or arena and heard by the masses.


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