Nataliez World Review of “Soul Crimes” the first single from the album DEFECTION by Slow Burning Car

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Slow Burning Car – Soul Crimes
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“Vol. 2 – The Scattering”, was released in 2009, the first and last time hearing, let alone speaking with the act behind that release Slow Burning Car, for my own website Natalie’s World. Now 8 years have passed and since then, the band has gone on to release more new music, “Assumption” in 2013 with a follow-up to follow that release titled “Defection”. The “Defection”, release containing a track titled “Soul Crimes”, which so happens to be a single of choice, from the band and has been gaining quite the recognition.

Dating back to 2009, Slow Burning Car had dedicated their craft to creating a one way source of “rock” through the compositional application within the audio world, having unleashed a unique yet genuine style of their own. As of course any other artist or band would do with their own originality of music making. This source leading to a feeling that they could instantly relate too while making music on top of all this other material mentioned previously. So how does all of that hold up into material that in the here and now called “Soul Crimes”? Well it holds up rather nicely and still maintains the same source of rock energy that it had done 8 years ago.

While the band has grown and matured since then, their music has as well. “Soul Crimes”, bringing to mind such acts as Ozzy Osborne meets Queens of the Stone Age crossed with the Foo Fighters. That is the style force that drives Slow Burning Car. It is what can be heard within “Slow Crimes”, as well as their other material from 2013 and even 2009 to 2007 works. It’s simply how they work with their material, that is how they take their influences from and what they end up sounding like, and it works in their favor.

Their style being catchy, upbeat, and outgoing to say the least. “Soul Crimes”, really kicking in the riffs and solo parts, while the vocal chords do overtime in bringing in the fierceness. Really though, this track just packs in that energy, momentum, and angst that rock music is all about. If that is not saying much then perhaps this will do the trick to the kicker; because Slow Burning Car has not only released these handful of releases but self-released them all, without a label to back them up. That is saying something altogether about them, plus having them play shows both locally and internationally as well. They get around and it is hard to take it all in.

When it comes down to it “Soul Crimes”, is a track of material that is truly rock music to its finest content. It may sound like other artists or bands of sorts, you have heard before, but that was how the style was approached and made into their own. Slow Burning Car has been around for some time and will continue to do their thing, as long as it keeps that rock music alive and well.

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