New Review for “Public Cynic” (single from upcoming Slow Burning Car album Projection due out in January 2020) by She-Wolf.EU

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Slow Burning Car – Female Fronted Alternative Rock Band streams appetizer ‘Public Cynic’ from their upcoming album ‘Projection’ [Alternative Rock / Heavy Rock]
Posted On JUNE 12, 2020
In Women In Rock
by Philipp Gottfried

With Public Cynic , the female fronted alternative rockers from Slow Burning Car managed to create excitement for their new album in the first minute. The band is a well-rehearsed heavy rock team that not only masters their instruments and operates them with dexterity, but also masters them with an interesting songwriting in terms of both melodic and lyrical. With catchy but well structured riffs, Slow Burning Car turn a rock track at medium tempo into a catchy tune that, according to its name, does not lose its heat like a straw fire, but slowly builds up effectively. Public Cynic comes with a slight metallic twistfrom the layout and surprises with a variable arrangement, in which not only everything in the rhythm area has been well structured and sensibly implemented, but also goes one better and gives a great guitar solo in a kind of acoustic link. Front woman Krista Ray with her deep voice is the perfect singer for the title, which transports her penetrating voice perfectly to the audience. This is achieved with a crisp and punchy production, which gives this consistently very good title the well-deserved completion.
Conclusion 10 out of 10: Alternative rock fans should definitely write the name Slow Burning Car in their notes and can look forward to the upcoming album Projection . Top!Listen to Slow Burning Car on Spotify:

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