Disc Review of Defection by Slow Burning Car from www.divideandconquermusic.com

Posted 20 Dec 2017 in News, Reviews

Troy Spiropoulos (vocals/bass), Adam Idell (drums/percussion), Jesse Damon (guitars) and Tommy Marcel (guitars) are Slow Burning Car. The band just released their fourth album entitled Defection. Just by looking at the titles of the songs and the album art, the band tries to establish some kind of image right away. There is some kind of sci-fi fantasy theme they have going on here. Somewhere between the actual metal inspired music, delivery and art work I started to think of when Spinal Tap wanted to sing about Stonehenge. I honestly couldn’t tell if Slow Burning Car was being tongue-in-cheek or taking themselves completely seriously. Maybe it’s somewhere in between like Alice Cooper. The song “Alpha Duplicor” definitely has a late ’70s and...

CD Review of Defection by Slow Burning Car from www.ventsmagazine.com

Posted 06 Dec 2017 in News, Reviews

CD REVIEW: Defection by Slow Burning Car Homepage RJ Frometa What is that…? Is it…? Yes, its 90s Alternative music. The decade that saw this awesome genre born has making his way, not only with the return of many iconic, even staple bands of these particular genre; but also with the inception of some new talent that have been highly influenced by it. Defection is aggressive in a very fun way, filled with heavy riffs and contagious excitement. All this can be felt immediately on the song “Alpha Duplicor.” But this track only sets the tone of an album that dives into the different aspects of Alternative music, even taking some time to get grungy, get a bit emo-tional or...

New review of Defection by Slow Burning Car from www.musicstreetjournal.com

Posted 29 Nov 2017 in News, Reviews

Slow Burning Car Defection www.musicstreetjournal.com (Review by Gary Hill) There is at least one song here that definitely doesn’t fit under prog rock. The thing is, there is plenty of prog built into this sound beyond that. Add in the fact that this is just very adventurous (should I say “progressive?”) music, and you’ll understand why I landed this here. While not everything works completely to my ear, the mix of psychedelia, post punk, space rock and more on this has some stunning moments. This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2017 Volume 6 at lulu.com/strangesound. Track by Track Review Alpha Duplicor This comes in incredibly hard edged. It has an almost heavy metal edge...

A Review of Defection by Taylor Brestel (KAMP Radio University Of Arizona)

Posted 28 Nov 2017 in News, Reviews

Album: Defection Artist: Slow Burning Car Non-Airable Tracks: 6 Label: Self-released This album starts out HARD and slows down and loses its momentum by the end. Slow Burning Car (an awesome name for a band, btw) starts out with some vaguely scientific rock, and even if you have no idea what it means you’re singing along to Alpha Duplicor. Soul Crimes is another upbeat fun track. Track 3, The Orb, is another weirdly scientific song about an orb, but you get really into it. Everything changed when he stepped into the orb. I was curious enough to listen to it a few times. Devil In The Room is also upbeat and alright. Sunday Derby is….different from any of the other songs, but in...

Slow Burning Car would like to thank the following college radio stations for just adding Defection to their libraries and playlists (November 16th, 2017)

Posted 23 Nov 2017 in News

Slow Burning Car would like to thank the following college radio stations for just adding Defection to their libraries and playlists (November 16th, 2017): KPUR (Forest Grove, OR), KRSC (Claremore, OK), KSJS (San Jose, CA), KTCV (Kennewick, WA), USML (St. Louis, MO), WERU (East Orland, ME), WFCF(St.Augustine, FL), WPNR (Uttica, NY), WRDP (Chicago, Il), WRHU (Hempstead, NY), WRST (Oshkosh, WI), WSUW (Whitewater, WI), WUDR (Dayton, OH), WUSO (Springfield, OH), WVCW (Richmond, VA), WVYC (York, PA), KKCR (Hanalei, HI), Clarion Radio (Madison, WI), Bearcast Radio (Cincinati, OH)

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