New review for the single “Public Cynic” from the upcoming Slow Burning Car album Projection due out in January 2020 by Fresh Out Of The Booth.Com

Posted 02 Jul 2020 in News

FRESH OUT OF THE BOOTH by Noah Penza (June 28, 2020) Slow Burning Car has released a new single entitled “Public Cynic” from the upcoming album “Projection”. This is a powerful rock meets grunge-metal track. The lead guitar riff is addictive and really drives the momentum and nature of the track. It has a diverse and ever-changing flow that I find very appealing. The drums sustain the momentum built up in the track and accompany the bass and lead perfectly. At the center of this track are the vocals. They paint a vivid narrative for the listener to connect and embrace. This is a highly recommended track and I am looking forward to the upcoming album ‘Projection’. Listen here:

New Review for “Public Cynic” (single from upcoming Slow Burning Car album Projection due out in January 2020) by She-Wolf.EU

Posted 01 Jul 2020 in News

Slow Burning Car – Female Fronted Alternative Rock Band streams appetizer ‘Public Cynic’ from their upcoming album ‘Projection’ Posted On JUNE 12, 2020 In Women In Rock by Philipp Gottfried With Public Cynic , the female fronted alternative rockers from Slow Burning Car managed to create excitement for their new album in the first minute. The band is a well-rehearsed heavy rock team that not only masters their instruments and operates them with dexterity, but also masters them with an interesting songwriting in terms of both melodic and lyrical. With catchy but well structured riffs, Slow Burning Car turn a rock track at medium tempo into a catchy tune that, according to its name, does not lose its...

New review for “Public Cynic” (the single from upcoming SBC release Projection due out in January 2021)

Posted 28 Jun 2020 in News

Slow Burning Car – “Public Cynic” June 2020 – Slow Burning Car is a band with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between alt-metal and alternative rock. Their most recent release, “Public Cynic” channels the swagger of bands like the Sex Pistols, and the technical proficiency of bands such as Guns N Roses, as well as Velvet Revolver and The Damned. The song has a catchy guitar riff, which has a darkness that almost reminds me of Nevermind-era Nirvana, going for a more direct feel. The drums are pounding and fierce, going for a truly special and distinctive edge that goes along with the vocals. What I love about this song is that it blurs the lines...

“Public Cynic” (New single from upcoming SBC album Projection) review by Warlock Asylum International News

Posted 25 Jun 2020 in News

Slow Burning Car Reemerges Onto The Rock Music Scene With “Public Cynic” June 13, 2020 Slow Burning Car turns up the volume once again with their stirring release of Public Cynic. This daring effort by the Los Angeles rock band is equally brilliant as it is sinister. The musical structure put forth by Slow Burning Car is something that rock purists will find nothing less than endearing. Public Cynic features an oasis of rugged guitar riffs and hard-hitting live drumming, which comprises much of Slow Burning Car’s commitment to quality rock music above gimmick-type musings. Public Cynic encompasses visions of protest, a timely topic in view of the recent public outrage and reaction to the death of George Floyd and the subject...

“Public Cynic” (New single from upcoming Slow Burning Car album Projection) review in (June 2020)

Posted 24 Jun 2020 in News

Song Review: “Public Cynic” by Slow Burning Car by Skope • June 13, 2020 Slow Burning Car has released the song “Public Cynic,” a song that should please hard rock fans. Listeners of songs with in-depth and timely lyrics should also give “Public Cynic” a try. It starts with a clip of an audience cheering, followed by the lead singer yelling, addressing “my fellow citizens.” This is an interesting way to start a song, making the listener wonder how the instrumentation and vocal melodies will be. STREAMING: If listeners can’t figure out the meaning of the song through first verse lyrics such as “Committed to the cause” and “Disrupt what is the norm,” they will be able to figure it out by the chorus....

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