Show: Bullfinch Yacht Club in Boston – 08/12/2007

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Show: Nikstock Festival in Binghamton, NY – 08/11/2007

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Show: Kenny’s Castaways in New York City – 08/10/2007

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Show: The Viper Room in Hollywood – 07/28/2007

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Review Blowback: Magazine

Posted 28 Jul 2007 in Reviews

The Viper Room The Sunset Strip West Hollywood, CA July 28, 2007 By Victoria Joyce (SugarBuzz Hollywood) The last sultry Saturday night of July on the Sunset Strip we happened to catch Slow Burning Car at the Viper room. Here’s a band that ain’t a band. They call themselves “an agency dedicated to the preservation of creative individualism and the alchemy of “Rock” through compositional application in the audio realm.” Dudes, just tune up and play, OK? Our pal, Bret Miller gave us the heads up on these guys and he knows rock, so we go. He intro’ed us to the leader Troy, before the set, very nice guy. Cute too. And the room is loosely packed with their also very nice fans. After Troy Spiropoulos on...

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