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Posted 25 May 2022 in News


Adam Idell (drums), Tommy Marcel (guitars), Aaron Kusterer (guitars), Krista Turkoglou Ray (vocals) and Troy Spiropoulos (bass/vocals) are Slow Burning Car. The band recently released Projection.

This is an album that felt like it came straight from the ’90s. There’s a lot of guitar and in fact tons of riff which sound like they come from the alternative scene. Nirvana and Green Day definitely came to mind a number of times.

They open with “Public Cynic” and you get a good mix of distorted power chords, bass, driving drums and vocals. The song seems to revolve around quarantine which at this point is no longer a novel topic.

“Lad-ish Man” opens up sounding like a B-side from Green Day. The male and female vocals are well done. They continue with “Diamond in the Rough” which sounded more like a Van Halen song and has one of the catchiest hooks.

The band has success with the loose and fun “Funnybone’ while “Memoirs of a Gentemen Ghost” has dramatic spoken word that does feel a bit melodramatic. “The Quantum Mariner” continues to form their foundation. They have a soft ballad moment with “Seem So Nice.” They mellow out on the atmospheric side with “Gardens in Space” and “Meraki.” Last up is ‘Transfer Terminal Twelve” which is heady, psychedelic piece that didn’t seem to ft with the other songs.

There are some solid songs on this EP but not much that is novel. I think fans of some of the aforementioned bands will appreciate this the most.

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