Review Projection: Ken Morton, Highwire Daze Magazine (#133)

Posted 31 Dec 2020 in News

Slow Burning Car is an explosive indie rock band from Southern California who have been releasing fiery compositions under the radar for years. Projection is their fifth magnum opus, and it’s jam-packed with sonic artistry that will
provoke the senses and set the imagination in flight. Fans of bands such as Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age are absolutely destined to discover a new favorite when encountering the raging refrains of Slow Burning Car’s amazing Projection. Founding member Troy Spiropoulos and company definitely have an all-out prize winner on their hands with the unveiling of Projection.

Public Cynic is the opening selection, and it’s captivating melody and timely lyrics are unleashed with a dynamic sense of urgency. There is a good deal of fun to be experienced within the realm of Slow Burning Car as well, with the wickedly infectious Ladish Man and the fuzz pop exuberance of Diamond In The Rough rocking your world featuring Krista Ray on lead vocals. Memories Of A Gentleman Ghost will both rock and haunt the listener with its eerie spoken word meshed with a hyper-infectious soundscape. Gardens In Space is another highlight, 9-plus minutes of pure psychedelic intrigue. Meraki is sung entirely in Greek, and is wondrously mystical in scope. And be sure to stay till the end and board the Transfer Terminal Twelve for a mind-blowing auditory conclusion.

The artistry of Slow Burning Car is presented by Troy Spiropoulos on bass and lead vocals, Tommy Marcel on rhythm/lead guitar, Adam Idell on drums, Krista Ray on lead and backing vocals, and Aaron Kusterer on lead/rhythm guitar. Projection by Slow Burning Car will be released at the beginning of 2021, and is required listening as we all hopefully drive into a much better place and time here on Planet Earth!

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