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Posted 31 Mar 2021 in News

Slow Burning Car introducing a new album: Projection.
March 2021 – Slow Burning Car is a band with a focus on creating energetic music, which blurs the lines between various genres. From the intensity of alternative rock, down to the punch and power of punk rock, anything goes! The ten songs on this release are very edgy and upfront, with a vibrant sound that’s aggressive, yet melodic. The first song, “Public Cynic” has a darker tone, which reminds me of Nevermind-era Nirvana. However, “Lad-Ish Man” has a different approach, reminiscent to artists like early Green Day. There are many exciting moments on this release, but one of my favorite happens to be the song Gardens in Space, which has a driven and atmospheric vibe, almost reminiscent of Pink Floyd due to its use of textures and effects, as well as hypnotic and understated rhythm. This is a very accomplished album with a stunning sound, and a very direct approach to rock music.
Find out more about Slow Burning Car, and listen to “Projection,” which is currently available on the web.
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