Review Projection – We listened to the American SLOW BURNING CAR album entitled “Projection”

Posted 01 Jun 2022 in News

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SLOW BURNING CAR quietly, but in fact successfully reached the release of their 5th album! The independent group from Los Angeles releases another very strong work that moves in the field of heavy-alternative rock with strong touches of heavy metal and some grunge, space rock, and psych / garage rock passages. Thus, Projection is very interesting for a large number of listeners.

The album starts very loudly with Public Cynic, a composition that immediately impresses with its diversity and alternations from calm to strong points and toubalin. In general, the song, like the band in general, has a strong, we would say adolescent, 90’s energy that captivates the listener, reminiscent of the hardest points grunge rock, punk rock, but also old american hardcore roots of the band in terms of sound. The double vocals (male and female) are very interesting, give a special color and create a very nice atmosphere in the album.

The single Ladish Man is a representative part of Projection and was rightly chosen as a single. Diamond In the Rough carries all this 90’s heavy rock atmosphere but it also has a base and references to the 70’s and AC / DC and Led Zeppelin in terms of riffs. The female vocals sound amazing and tie in beautifully with the song.

The Memoirs of a Gentleman Ghost has very nice recitations that run alongside the regular song, reminiscent of the early works of the terrific Irish Therapy; and our favorite Placebo. Clever song with great idea, dynamite riff, clever guitar phrases, tight-fitting and gruff rhythm section with the bass doing awesome things, and 90’s alternative / industrial atmosphere, while the Slow Burning Car here do not hesitate to use even a violin in one of the louder album cards!

The Quantum Mariner stands between the Pixies, Queens of the Stone Age and Mudhoney with some space passages that take off its raw and raw Stooges punk energy in an amazing piece that can be played comfortably in any rock club in the world!

Seems So Nice is a melancholy American ballad from the 90’s alternative sound (Sonic Youth, Pearl Jam, R.E.M.), with Neil Young and Bob Dylan nearby. The 9 minute Gardens in Space is also a very interesting track with tremendous growth and psychedelic-space rock references.

Also very interesting is the Greek title Meraki, which is reminiscent of Poll, Damon and Fintias and in general the generation of Greek rock of the ’70s. The track has clear psychedelic references, the lyrics are in Greek while Slow Burning Car did not hesitate to use even a bouzouki!

There are times when the underground produces diamonds. And one of them is the Slow Burning Car. If you love the hard rock of the 70’s, but also of the 90’s, if you love grunge / alternative rock, but also heavy rock and hard rock, it would be criminal to ignore this great band that does a really serious job and also rocks very hard ! Projection is a perfect background music for both listening at home and traveling by car! Creates a fantastic feeling of freedom and good energy! Be sure to check it out!

Ακούσαμε το άλμπουμ των Αμερικανών SLOW BURNING CAR με τίτλο “Projection”

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