SBC – Public Cynic (Single Review) by Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture

Posted 31 Dec 2020 in News

Even before the lyrics kick in you feel as if you have almost got your money’s worth from Slow Burning Car‘s latest release. A solid electric riff, a key change, some chiming acoustic guitar interspersed with emotive spoken word all before the song takes off properly. When it does you are greeted with lyrics which neatly chime with the times. Although I suspect they are aimed at a certain prominent member of US politics, well, the most prominent member, they seem to sum up the entrenched nature of politics which pervades everywhere from the relentless foghorn broadcast of social media to the chaotic policy, or lack of it, coming from a crumbling White House.

But regardless of politics, it is a cool song, one built on punchy punky guitars, skittering tribal drums, pulsing bass lines and an overall rabble-rousing vibe. It then heads off, albeit briefly, down a more glam-metal route, though thankfully only exhibiting its better qualities, the banshee vocals and the fluid guitars, before resuming its early groove and driving the song home.

Music to storm the barricades to? Absolutely!

Posted by Troy

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