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Slow Burning Car – “Soul Crimes”
by Skope • Brian Lakes October 2, 2017

Slow Burning Car has a great name and some great music to back it up. The title of Slow Burning Car is destructive in its imagery which is exactly the feeling of relief that rock music gives to its listeners. Their song Soul Crimes will give listeners that same sense of relaxation, of cleansing that they hope to have through their listening experience. The song is fast paced, fun and has the theme of ultimate sin. The subject of the song is about someone who is dirty, grimy. That person has committed a sin which affects themselves more than others. The sinner however doesn’t seem to think of the sin as a problem, however our singer and guide through the song does.
A band of the rock genre, they’re based in Los Angeles. The members of Slow Burning Car are Troy Spiropoulos (Lead Vocals/ Bass), Adam Idell (Drums/ Back-up Vocals), and Tommy Marcel (guitar/ back-up vocals). Their sound in the song Soul Crimes is intense. It’s about committing crimes against the soul. A line of the song that illuminates that point is, “they underestimate your sense.” This illuminates just how slimy the character is that they are drawing attention to. The background repetition of the phrase soul crimes in an electronic sound adds a new interesting level to the song. The sound it creates is unexpected and nice in this rock centered song. Their song is just as colorful as the photo on their album cover.
The cover photo for Slow Burning Car is something worth drawing attention to. The title on the cover is Defection. The photo on the cover is of a multi-colored world. The landscape has many points of interest that makes it pleasing. This is the landscape of a cleansed world. The cleansing that is intended may be related to the cleansing that rock gives to its listeners.
The song Soul Crimes has a great catch, a good sound and is intriguing lyrically. The cover photo for the song also is great. The colors used are visually appealing and the title gives the cover a whole new meaning, if you only consider it thoroughly enough. The website for the band continues with this consistency with its great front page design and it also gives us a chance to meet the band. All of the photos of the band members of Slow Burning Car on the website are pictures of them in action. The intention of the shots is not to demonstrate the appearance of the band (like most musicians) but rather to draw attention to their passion. If you have a passion for music and rock too, then this band is definitely worth listening to.

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