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Posted 05 Oct 2017 in News, Reviews

Slow Burning Car – Soul Crimes
Slow Burning Car is a driven, passionate and charismatic band with a focus on punk and alternative rock.
With their recent release, “Soul Crimes”, Slow Burning Car managed to refine their sonic offering and bring their vision to new staggering heights.
The sound of this song makes me think of the early work from bands such as The Ataris or The Foo Fighters. It’s all about tasteful melodies and compelling lyricism with a personal touch. The verses are often driven by cool palm-muted guitars, while the choruses really open up with a massive wall of sound, allowing the song to reach a deep climax and a lush texture.
On this song, Slow Burning Car showcases the band’s uncanny ability to create powerful arrangements, while keeping it simple and easily relate to a very broad audience.
Clocking in at slightly under the 4-minute mark, Soul Crimes stands out as a great example of the band’s attitude and aesthetics.
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