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Posted 13 Apr 2013 in Reviews

Assumption Album Review from

“Assumption” (Trifonic Laboratories; 2013)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton –

“Assumption” is yet another fine example of Slow Burning Car’s grab bag style of hard rock’n’roll.

You could almost copy and paste my previous review for “Vol. 2 – The Scattering” to review this CD. Not that they sound so much the same, but both CDs have enough variety, enough weirdness, and enough undeniable talent poured into them to make them interesting from first track to last.

There’s everything here from Foreigner-type radio hits to tracks that sound like the drug-induced instrumentals of the Doors … and let’s not forget the final track which is basically a one-minute Gregorian Chant like those heard in a Monty Python movie. The songs are solid throughout, as they were on the previous CD, great tunes with great licks and fast rhythms. I like “Assumption” a lot.

Incredibly well-produced and often bizarre stuff from this very cool band.

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