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Posted 01 Jun 2009 in Reviews

Slow Burning Car – Blowback

Slow Burning Car is an up and coming punk rock band from LA, with a sound mix of 80s punk rock and new Californian punk, with elements of some good ‘ol fashioned heavy metal. In other words you get some good rock music for your listening to, or set your car on fire to.


5 El Caminos out of 10

The front cover has a road sign of a burning car on it, with flames in the background, flames are always cool, so that’s a plus. The booklet has pictures of all the members of the band members and session players, the lyrics to the songs, and some thanks in the back.

The tray of the cover is transparent with a collage of pictures of the band, I like that, gives you a better perspective of the band.


6 El Caminos out of 10

The music is as I mentioned a good mix of different styles, and they do it without losing the main sound, and direction.

A lot of good upbeat songs, some good riffs, and some catchy lyrics that isn’t too deep, but more straight to it.

No hard core blast beats on the drums, but the musicians seems to know what they are doing, and the band leader Troy Spiropoulos who have written all the music seems to know what he is doing and know what direction he wants his band to take.

A side note I can mention that they have our old friend Tracii Guns as a guest artist on this album.


When I decided to start reviewing music by unknown bands, I expected to get a lot of garage bands who couldn’t even get applause at a Japanese karaoke bar, but this was a surprise, and the album is well produced, and they haven’t really cut any corners here.

Some catchy songs that could easily get some airplay, sadly I haven’t heard the huge hit yet, but I’m sure it’s in there. But even though I said this have elements of new Californian punk, its more adult oriented, and maybe not the music the kids on MTV would like, but something for those who grew up during the 80s.

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