Review Blowback: Music Emissions Review – October 2008

Posted 01 Oct 2008 in Reviews

Disc Review – Music Emmisions (Oct.2008)

What do you say about a cut up of tracks and styles? Often times cheesey, other times ballsy and rhythmic. Slow Burning Car is an artist collective hailing from Southern California. Most of their guitar work is a constant almost bubbly metal sound. Often times they are goofy with backing vocals like the goofy titled “Farkytootle”. Other tracks are blitz’s of generic bar rock with a shit-eating grin. There is no method to this madness, or particular sound they are intimate with, and that may be the most impressive aspect of this release. There is no humility involved in this for them, as they are creating full-sounding songs for 25-50’s crowd of America. From Sax-o-phone solo’s to clips of George Bush and his 9.11 moment of silence, all moods are celebrated. Really open-minded fans of Rush, and Drive-By Truckers should seek out their sounds.

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