Review Blowback: The Dog Magazine (Greece) Review – May 2008

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All melodies are littered in several places in each songs compose. The lyricism is destined for audiences of a higher ground, thats why is compound and complicated . In all songs it hears a ‘hoarse’ voice like Dylan’s, like Alice Cooper’s, a kind of “sandpapervoice” with descriptive expression which singing somehow in prose style.

The esthetics basing to Dada type, a view of abstract art (music) which trying to give illusions of social temper, wild esthetics and a lot of obscure . This lyrical impulse becames from tough daily reality, all bad courses from rhythm of life , and political thoughts inspire the poet (*singer).

The string organs and synths reminds Hanoi Rocks 80% other songs are like a mix between Alex Harvey and Reo Speedwagon or something between Alice in Chain if they would play covers of Thin Lizzy. These vocals and all melodies are similar hearing to some old albums Alice Cooper’s such as the “Killers” one and the “Zipper Catches Skin” the other.

All songs interpretation is not one type dissension also from the verses subject it contains multi collective objects. And can’t anticipate what is going to be played next. Big labels and commerse classify it, to “progressive” metal but isn’t fair for a classic rock style like that, the style pairs to an old classic period after Genesis, and after P.Floyd, like the era with the germans Amon Duul2 or Barclay James Harvest.

The product is very good made of, for a debut artist, thanks to the sound engineer the Burt Malcutfor.

More taste of the content here are verses from the 9th song “Rumbling Chief”:
Rumbling chief went wacko in the meadow–Killing six of his tribe and lynching all his honchos–Looked up in the sky in focused premontion –Heading out on his way for further expendition..–Stumbling into town was renegade Clovis–with a patch on one eye extremely out of focus–Kicking with this cat he’s calling “Hocus Pocus”..–Stranded on the isle i find myself laughing–If i gave it more thought i’d just end up cracking–And to think right now i could be home 8-tracking…—When Rumbling Chief meets Renegade Clovis–The sky’s going to drown ,we’ll all end up hopeless–In fact that’s just the case for fools who ignore it.–

(Chorus) no use looking for the saviour of souls–because you can’t be certain that she’s looking for yours.—Stranded on the lawn i keep getting stepped on–No room for me to crawl i pray to get rained on–You think she heard my call? The lawn’s getting drier—When Runbling Chief meets Renegade Clovis –I’m packing it up and heading across the border–Putting up a shack and digging deep for cover—.(Chorus)

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