Review Vol 2 The Scattering: Interview – May 2010

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INTERVIEW: Slow Burning Car – A Musical Inferno
By Cyrus Rhodes (original review)

“Troy Spiropoulos is a modern day Frank Zappa.”


I first had the privilege of hearing Troy Spiropoulos a few weeks back reviewing their 2nd release “The Scattering (Volume 2). From start to finish “The Scattering” VOL 2” is one of the most tripped out musical experience I’ve ever encountered. It’s strength is its amazing originality, rich sonic layering, & unique musical personality. Musically it’s extremely consistent, & very original. The musicianship is clearly above the bar, & it’s obvious Spiropoulos is the brain child behind this entire operation. Spiropoulos deserves a lot of credit here, for sharing with us his amazing musical vision, & passionate vocal feel.. I would even go so far as to say Spiropoulos is a modern day Frank Zappa. Make no bones about it SBC is one of those bands that’s extremely hard to pin down But is you long for a more tripped out musical experience, astray from the mainstream standard – then you should definitely dedicate 46 minutes to Slow Buring Car’s “The Scattering” When the ride is finally over you will be dazzled by it’s originality, overwhelmed by it’s mystery, and mesmerized by it’s sheer unpredictability.

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Troy Spiropoulos Vocals, Bass, Mike Zimmerman Drums Victor Bishop Keys, Samples, Backing Vocals Vince Aaland Guitar)

IMD How would you classify your music?
VB I would classify our music as Experimental/Alternative Rock. MZ “Awesome with brute elegance.” TS “All of the above.”

IMD What inspired the banc name Slow Buring Car?
TS I wrote a song back in high school called Slow Burning car and I always thought it would be a cool band name. It kind of rolls off the tongue”.

IMD How’s the music scene in Southern California these days?
VB With all of the bars and clubs opening in the LA/Hollywood area, there are plenty opportunities to play out. San Diego has a resurging scene as well. Now that the economy is starting to pick up, I’d say that this is the best time to be out there playing.” MZ: “Come ci, come ca”

IMD Who are some of your top musical influences?
TS Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Doors, and Jet” MZ: “My jazz band teacher, mr. laite – he got busted for stealing tubas from our high school!” TS: “QOTSA, New Model Army, Kiss, Love, The Pink Floyd…too many to name…it changes daily.” VA: “Jimi Hendrix by FAR! I remember the first time I ever heard his playing. Very enlightening. And it has FOREVER affected my playing”

IMD I hear Frank Zappa, Faith No More, Ozzy Osborne, & Black Sabbath type influences am I off the mark there?
MZ: “I’ll have to get back to you on that one after a few more joints.” TS: “ can u pass that…

IMD What do you guys like most about performing live?
VB: “ Seeing people that have been sitting on their hands most of the night suddenly get up and cut a rug to one of your songs is a real thrill. Also, getting to meet different people in all of the different parts of the country we go is more than half the fun of it all.” MZ: “Definitely the chicks”. TS: “The attention…why lie…plus what Vic said regarding the audience reaction.” VA: “Connecting with the audience. It’s the magical conversation that can really change lives.”

IMD Who gets to be your all time favorite band or artist? Most inspirational song or piece of music (TOP 5)
VB: “My personal all time favorite band is Radiohead because of the uncanny blend of technology and nonstandard musical ideas as an art form. For me, the most inspirational piece of music is one that pulls you into the moment from wherever you were and commands that you experience it.” MZ: “Throw in everything ever written by rush, zeppelin, the grateful dead, sweet & early ac/dc into a hat, & pick out one song from each band.” TS: “ See response to question 4…” VA: “Hendrix, Miles Davis, Beethoven. Love it ALL! I mean there’s WAY too much to actually account for but, those are big milestones right now for my playing. A year ago, I would have said Satriani, Charlie Parker, and Bach…or some other permutation. But that’s where my mind is right now.”

IMD What was the best concert you’ve ever been to?
VB: “ Billy Joel, 2006, Staples Center, Los Angeles – I met my baby’s mother there” MZ: “Ours!! The one happening on June 7th, 2010 at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA”. TS: “Yes, that one should be grand! Actually I love the concert setting so basically everyone I’m at is my favorite at that moment in time.” VA: “Being from the midwest I really haven’t gotten to many. My first was The Rolling Stones and Jonny Lang opened for them. It was cool, I knew kids from school who knew him so it was “the best” in terms of making me realize that COULD be me someday.”

For me, the most inspirational piece of music is one that pulls
you into the moment from wherever you were and commands
that you experience it.”

IMD I especially enjoyed the song “IN THE TREES” could you tell us more about that particular piece, what inspired that one?
TS: “ There was a tree way back in the backyard of my house me and my friends use to blaze i So that’s what inspired the song. We used to call that tree “the office” where we’d meet after school before my folks got home. It was also one of the first riffs I ever wrote that I thought was legit.”

IMD How about “ADAMA”?
TS: “Me and Mike were watching this flick called The Eleventh Hour regarding global warming so the lyrics are a combination on that theme and the evolution of man on this planet.”

IMD What’s next for “SBC? VB: “More touring, about six more months promoting our current album, ‘Volume 2 – The Scattering’, and then possibly heading into the studio to begin work on our 3rd album”.
MZ: “Definitely more chicks :)” TS: “Chicks, recording, and touring…hmm…sounds like a plan! I’ll pen that into my calendar.” VA: “A third album is definitely in the wind here before too long. Some more gelling for sure!”


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