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CD Review- Slow Burning Car- “Vol. 2 The Scattering “


Most the time when I put in a CD to review it can take days. (I like to listen while driving). Once the CD starts up each day I know exactly what band I had in the player. I can not say that for  Slow Burning Car.

This band is influenced by many bands and genres of music. Some songs have a good hard rock beat, move into a jazzy rock sound and then like the song “Siren” had me thinking someone slipped a folk rock cd into my player.

Let us start from the first song “Adama”. This songs starts the cd off with a great Toolish , alt sound that has some awesome guitar work and great vocals, with many sounds mixed in that can be missed if you do not throw on a pair of headphones and sit back.

The CD keeps the alt rock sound going with “Blowback” and “Call My Bluff”.  There were a few surprises like “Marry Me” and “Siren” that bring the the CD to a mellow pace, not my taste of music, but are still very good songs.

My favorites songs are “Harum Scarum” that makes me think of early 70’s new wave rock, while the song “First Class”  has a good jazz, rock feel, reminding me of Queen back in the day.

This band is very talented and is not afraid to mix it up gave us a cd that has a little something for everyone.

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