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Review Blowback: Skylight Magazine Review – May 2008

Posted 01 May 2008 in Reviews

A band from Los Angeles that with their music place themselves between the boarders of melodic garage and hard rock. No punk attitude and hairspray world, just a piece of harmony with the help of melodic vocals and a few groovy hard rockin tunes all over the place with the guitar help of Tracii Guns (LA Guns) and the spirit of Hanoi Rocks that watches from above tryin’ to get into the slow burning car of music. There are radio friendly hits here, such as the track “Respect” that offer you a travellin’ experience in the issue of human respect. www.skylight.gr

Review Blowback: The Dog Magazine (Greece) Review – May 2008

Posted 01 May 2008 in Reviews

All melodies are littered in several places in each songs compose. The lyricism is destined for audiences of a higher ground, thats why is compound and complicated . In all songs it hears a ‘hoarse’ voice like Dylan’s, like Alice Cooper’s, a kind of “sandpapervoice” with descriptive expression which singing somehow in prose style. The esthetics basing to Dada type, a view of abstract art (music) which trying to give illusions of social temper, wild esthetics and a lot of obscure . This lyrical impulse becames from tough daily reality, all bad courses from rhythm of life , and political thoughts inspire the poet (*singer). The string organs and synths reminds Hanoi Rocks 80% other songs are like a mix between...

Review Blowback: Metal Hammer Review (Greek Magazine) – December 2007

Posted 01 Dec 2007 in Reviews

Review Blowback: Roughedge.com – December 2007

Posted 01 Dec 2007 in Reviews

Reviewed by Mike SOS An eclectic rock smorgasbord comes to us via Slow Burning Car, whose 12-track “Blowback” emanates with an 80s hard rock foundation and launches from there, reaching into many different branches of the rock tree. Space rock, country, progressive, and light rock are some of the many colors this amalgamation of musicians work in, sounding like a modern rock radio station playlist set on random as cuts like “A Little Sign,” “I Saw the Mountain,” and “Rumbling Chief” come through the speakers. Definitely evoking a free form vibe, Slow Burning Car’s presentation urges you to leave inhibitions at the door to truly soak in the quirky concoction brewed up by this California collective. Slow Burning Car: Troy...

Review Blowback: More Magazine Interview For Trifonic Sounds Festival

Posted 01 Oct 2007 in Reviews

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