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Review Blowback: All Access Magazine – October 2007

Posted 01 Oct 2007 in Reviews

Blowback ~ by: Slow Burning Car Here’s another variation on the power-pop theme, from a San Pedro-based project that features lots of sound-effects in a collection of 12 textured tunes. You get bird-chirps and phone-rings and background dialogue, and lots of “ooh-oohs” and “la-las” also. The disk’s opening yell of “Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum” before the opening track, “King Con” (featuring Tracii Guns!), might lead one to expect a more aggressive brew, but this effort leans more to Fountains of Wayne than Children of Bodom. Oh, a little bit of lead guitar busts in during songs such as “Formula I” and “A Little Sign,” but then a bit of Fastball-infused Jackson Browne bubbles into “Respect” – which turns refreshingly crunchy as it builds....

Review Blowback: Highwire October 2007

Posted 01 Oct 2007 in Reviews

Slow Burning Car Self-released CD By Kenneth Morton Slow Burning Car recently performed their debut show at the infamous Viper Room, and the venue was nearly packed. Little wonder, as founding member Troy Spiropoulos has made quite a name for himself in the local scene with his past projects Lighter Fluid and The Quick & The Dead. Years of experience have matured Spiropoulos into quite an artist, as demonstrated on his imaginative project. A dozen top notch songs are included on Slow Burning Car’s debut release Blowback, each catchy and magnetic in their own stunning way. Spiropoulos has amassed a winning lineup with Slow Burning Car – and there is a lot of intrigue and wonder to be found within the highly impressive...

Review Blowback: Sugarbuzz.com Magazine

Posted 28 Jul 2007 in Reviews

The Viper Room The Sunset Strip West Hollywood, CA July 28, 2007 By Victoria Joyce (SugarBuzz Hollywood) The last sultry Saturday night of July on the Sunset Strip we happened to catch Slow Burning Car at the Viper room. Here’s a band that ain’t a band. They call themselves “an agency dedicated to the preservation of creative individualism and the alchemy of “Rock” through compositional application in the audio realm.” Dudes, just tune up and play, OK? Our pal, Bret Miller gave us the heads up on these guys and he knows rock, so we go. He intro’ed us to the leader Troy, before the set, very nice guy. Cute too. And the room is loosely packed with their also very nice fans. After Troy Spiropoulos on...

Review Blowback: ECTOMAG.COM

Posted 24 Jul 2007 in Reviews

Written by Sameerah Tuesday, 24 July 2007 Slow Burning Car Blowback Slow Burning Car describe themselves as Sci-fi Metal. Now I don’t know how Metal I would call them but they are definitely good times. A lot of their stuff is like Bare Naked Ladies on acid. Kind of an Alt Rock, Folk sort of sound with lyrics that are sweet even if it is in a warped sense of romance. Its the quick with and dark humor that makes Slow Burning Car fun to listen to.

Review Blowback: Music Connection “Demo Critiques”

Posted 16 Jul 2007 in Reviews

Music Connection “Demo Critiques”  – July 16, 2007 – July 29, 2007 Slow Burning Car is a vehicle for prog-ish pop-rock and exceptional musicianship. “I Saw The Mountain” deploys a phased vocal that delivers fantasy-based lyrics over a catchy hook; the song could be better if it were shortened. “Formula I” has crafty guitar riffs and a good drum sound. The tune “Slow Burning Car” is an apocalyptic excursion with remarkable dynamics and nimble transitions that echo classic UFO/Michael Schenker. This high-concept Car is street-ready and will appeal to classic rockers.

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