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Nataliez World Review of “Soul Crimes” the first single from the album DEFECTION by Slow Burning Car

Posted 27 Sep 2017 in News, Reviews

Slow Burning Car – Soul Crimes 11:58 AM NataliePerez NataliezWorld 0 Reviews, Single Reviews, Slow Burning Car, Slow Crimes “Vol. 2 – The Scattering”, was released in 2009, the first and last time hearing, let alone speaking with the act behind that release Slow Burning Car, for my own website Natalie’s World. Now 8 years have passed and since then, the band has gone on to release more new music, “Assumption” in 2013 with a follow-up to follow that release titled “Defection”. The “Defection”, release containing a track titled “Soul Crimes”, which so happens to be a single of choice, from the band and has been gaining quite the recognition. Dating back to 2009, Slow Burning Car had dedicated their craft...