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Disc Review of Vol.2 by www.musicartery.com (3/11)

Posted 28 Mar 2011 in News, Reviews

Slow Burning Car -Vol. 2 – The Scattering (Self) Surprisingly diverse and sometimes challenging to define, any thorough audition of this full length release will both amaze and delight a wide demographic of appreciative audiences. Lyrical content song by song tends to range from epic sci-fi literature and cinematic favorites to staunchly political anti-establishmentarianism to still further remote genres that explore the collaborative interests and talents of each band-mate. This writers favorites include the first two tracks which appeal to any sci-fi lore master; “Adama” references themes from Battlestar Gallactica; “Ghola” references various concepts from Frank Herbert’s Dune series. In general, this album takes a listener on a swift yet provocative ride through various styles from crooning ballads, righteous indignation, and all-together glorious and...

Vol.2 Disc Review – www.heavymetalbuzz.com Dec.2010

Posted 02 Dec 2010 in Reviews

CD Review- Slow Burning Car- “Vol. 2 The Scattering “   Most the time when I put in a CD to review it can take days. (I like to listen while driving). Once the CD starts up each day I know exactly what band I had in the player. I can not say that for  Slow Burning Car. This band is influenced by many bands and genres of music. Some songs have a good hard rock beat, move into a jazzy rock sound and then like the song “Siren” had me thinking someone slipped a folk rock cd into my player. Let us start from the first song “Adama”. This songs starts the cd off with a great Toolish , alt sound...

Review Vol 2 The Scattering: Trifonic Records – August 2010

Posted 27 Aug 2010 in Reviews

Slow Burning Car Volume 2 – The Scattering Trifonic Records Released: 2009 I’m going to start giving awards for pretentiousness in press releases and I would nominate the press release for Slow Burning Car’s album for the first one.  Winning it for me was the phrase “compositional application in the audio realm” had me rolling about the floor laughing. They could just have said that they write songs, couldn’t they? However, “Volume 2 – The Scattering” itself is far from pretentious and, in fact, provides convincing reasons as to why you should investigate American rock music today. This album is indeed full of mainstream riffs but where it really scores is in its stylistic diversions thus providing the listener with a surprisingly coherent stroll...

Review Vol 2 The Scattering: Rocket Sports and Entertainment Review – August 2010

Posted 01 Aug 2010 in Reviews

Slow Burning Car…ROCKS! By Joshua Ott on August 9, 2010 (original review) Joshua Ott | Rocket Sports & Entertainment Slow Burning Car, hit CD “Vol.2-The Scattering” I’ve been a music fan my entire life. I pride myself on finding bands that may not be a main stream hit but make great music. A perfect example of this would be Los Angeles based SLOW BURNING CAR. Let me tell you how I found about this group; I was in my local bar having a chat with the bartender about music and he mentioned he was in a band. Which, by the way, this is a rather common thing to hear in Hollywood. I’ve heard it all from “we are really a young...

Review Vol 2 The Scattering: IndieMusicDigest.com Interview – May 2010

Posted 01 May 2010 in Reviews

INTERVIEW: Slow Burning Car – A Musical Inferno By Cyrus Rhodes (original review) “Troy Spiropoulos is a modern day Frank Zappa.” – INDIE MUSIC DIGEST:- _______________________________________________________ I first had the privilege of hearing Troy Spiropoulos a few weeks back reviewing their 2nd release “The Scattering (Volume 2). From start to finish “The Scattering” VOL 2” is one of the most tripped out musical experience I’ve ever encountered. It’s strength is its amazing originality, rich sonic layering, & unique musical personality. Musically it’s extremely consistent, & very original. The musicianship is clearly above the bar, & it’s obvious Spiropoulos is the brain child behind this entire operation. Spiropoulos deserves a lot of credit here, for sharing with us his amazing musical vision, & passionate vocal...

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