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Review Vol 2 The Scattering: GuestListMagazine.net Review – September 2009

Posted 01 Sep 2009 in Reviews

SLOW BURNING CAR Vol. 2 – The Scattering Trifonic Records Rock music has been defined by a variety of different styles over the years and because of the always expanding borders of the genre there have been plenty of sub-genres formed. Slow Burning Car continues to be influenced by a lot of those different genres and wrap it all together with the release of their new album Vol. 2 – The Scattering. The remaining constant between the songs is the usage of the classic rock styled guitars, however by utilizing the songwriting skills of each of the members in the band you get an eclectic blend of rock music with no two songs really sounding anything alike. Early on in the album...

Review Vol 2 The Scattering: DangerDog.com Review – August 2009

Posted 01 Aug 2009 in Reviews

Slow Burning Car: Vol. 2 The Scattering Melodic/Progressive Rock Rating: 5.0/5.0 Trifonic Records www.slowburningcar.com www.myspace.com/slowburningcar Review: Craig Hartranft, 08.16.2009

Review Vol 2 The Scattering: All Access Magazine Interview – August 2009

Posted 01 Aug 2009 in Reviews

Acutal Article Link Click Here By Natalie Perez Slow Burning Car dedicated to creating a one way source of “rock” through the compositional application within the audio world. They have come to unleash a unique style all their own, maintaining a source and feeling they can instantly relate too when making music. The bands lead man Troy Spiropoulos (Vocalist/Bassist/Catalyst of Slow Burning Car) spoke to me about how the band came together, what is in store for them, and what to expect from their latest release titled, “Vol.2 – The Scattering”. All Access Magazine- AAM (Natalie Perez): Tell us how Slow Burning Car came to be. How did you guys get together? Troy Spiropoulos: I started Slow Burning Car back in the spring...

Review Vol 2 The Scattering: Lost Anarchy Magazine Review – August 2009

Posted 01 Aug 2009 in Reviews

Lost Anarchy Magazine Review – August 2009 Vol.2 disc review – Lost Anarchy Nagazine (Aug. 2009-Rob Sherriff) It’s a little bit Rock N Roll, a tad of punk, and a bit of everything. That’s Slow Burning Car. Slow Burning Car brings rock and alternative together with a little punk edge.”Vol.2 – The Scattering” has a creative style of well written songs and upbeat tempo that brings a great diversity to this cd. I really liked the songs Ghola, Call My Bluff, and Man In Crisis. With a little bit of everything mixed together, Slow Burning Car is definitely heading in the right direction. 106.7 KROQ…what are you waiting for?? Hollywood Sherriff Productions gives this cd thumbs up! Rob Sherriff (Lost Anarchy Magazine – August 2009)

Review Vol 2 The Scattering: All Access Magazine Disc Review – August 2009

Posted 01 Aug 2009 in Reviews

August 13, 2009 Slow Burning Car :: The Scattering Slow Burning Records By Natalie Perez What would you do if a Slow Burning Car crossed your path? Would you sit back and laugh – or run like hell trying to save the people trapped inside? Well to be honest this isn’t that type of Slow Burning Car… This type of automobile is actually the true essence that rock n’ roll music has been dying to meet. Unlike most rock n’ roll bands that have come and gone these rockers prove how much rock music truly means to them. Delivering 12-tracks of solid rock n’ roll attitude with absolute adrenaline, you won’t believe your ears. This so happens to be the band’s second...

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