Troy Spiropoulos

Lyrics, Music (lead and backing vocals, bass, guitar : electric/acoustic/lead, keyboard, piano, sound effects/samples, and hand percussion), Production

Troy is a singer-songwriter from San Pedro, California, who has been arranging and recording music since 1993. In addition to song-writing (acoustically and electrically), Troy has played Bass guitar for thirteen years contributing time and tracks as a session player as well as performing with various “rock” projects in the Los Angeles music scene over the years (Room 8, Glue, Martha Metralier, Family Dog, Cold Weather Expert, Purple Kush, LighterFluid, The Orphics, The Quick & The Dead, Paris Railroad, Pow Wow, Money,Sex, and Power, the Jesse Damon Band, and The D*Maggs). Themes of Troy’s songwriting range from the topics mythology/theology to personal experiences and observations.