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Review Projection – Take Effect

Posted 29 Apr 2021 in News

March 23, 2021, by Trifonic The long running Los Angeles outfit Slow Burning Car return with their 5th album, and much like everything they’ve done, it’s an alt-rock, metal and space hybrid that brings in plenty of surprises to their hard hitting yet cautious approach. “Public Cynic” starts the listen and wastes little time impressing us with its driving rhythm section and calmer moments of sonically charged alt-rock that thumps with a ‘90s energy, and “Lad-Ish Man” follows with some punk nods amid the soaring female vocals as both grit and melody present themselves in absorbing ways. Further along, the buzzing of “Memoirs Of A Gentleman Ghost” mixes well with the talking and singing of the modern rocker that also hosts...

Review Projection – She Wolf

Posted 29 Apr 2021 in News

Posted On 14. März 2021, by Philipp Gottfried Mit Projection veröffentlichen Slow Burning Car ein Album, welches in der Tradition des Rock ein echter Hörgenuss darstellt. Das nunmehr vierte Album der Bandgeschichte zeigt sich in einem kompromisslosen und zeitlosen, wenn auch zugleich retro klingenden Sounddesign, bei welchem die beteiligten Musiker sich als kompositorische Meister outen und über Gitarren und Bass ein echt giftiges Rockarrangement in den einzelnen Songs zum Besten geben. Hierbei schreiben Slow Burning Car Songs, die sich als Ohrwürmer herausstellen, welche sich in das Gedächtnis der Hörerschaft einbrennen. Bereits der Opener Public Cynic brennt sich in das Gedächtnis ein und besticht nicht nur durch seine gradlinige Rockpartitur, sondern auch durch den textlichen Inhalt und die Leistung der Stimme....

Thanks for attending SBC at The Canyon Montclair (April 17, 2021)

Posted 21 Apr 2021 in News

Thanks to all for attending SBC at The Canyon Montclair (April 17, 2021) with Robert Plantation. It was greatly appreciated!

Disc Reviews of our latest album Projection (as of April 2021)

Posted 21 Apr 2021 in News

Here is a list of e-zines and sites that have taken the time to review Projection as of April 2021. Take a peak! You can also purchase a copy of Projection at,, or though us at this website! SHE-WOLF Slow Burning Car – Mit energischem Album ‚Projection‘ auf dem Hard Rock Speedway (TIPP!) (Audio) TAKE EFFECT WARLOCK ASYLUM Projection by Slow Burning Car JUKEBOX MIND Slow Burning Car’s new Album Titled ‘Projection’ is stunning! STEPKID MUSIC STREET JOURNAL SKOPE MAGAZINE Slow Burning Car Release Rousing Rock Album ‘Projection’ BANDCAMP DIARIES CALL THAT MUSIC? Slow Burning Car – “Projection” DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE Projection – Slow Burning Car (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Review Projection – Skope

Posted 31 Mar 2021 in News

Slow Burning Car Release Rousing Rock Album ‘Projection’ by Skope • March 17, 2021 by Sasha Lauryn Slow Burning Car is back with another album bursting at the seams with electrifying energy this year. ‘Projection’ radiates the rich talent of the rock-rooted five-piece. This recent album comes off the back of their fourth studio album ‘Defection’ — a stunning sonic experience oozing the alt-rock attitude that pours from each note in the astounding outfits track list. Sculpting a soundscape swimming in grunge, rock and experimental accents, Slow Burning Car boasts a sound demanding to be blasted. Since it’s release in January, ‘Projection’ is providing the perfect, punky soundtrack to get us head-banging in our boring bedrooms this year. Opening with the immersive...

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