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Posted 05 Jul 2022 in News

Slow Burning Car’s fifth release, entitled “Projection”, was released two year ago. I know, they are not the freshest news. However, even if this review is about an album two years old that can’t be included in the lists of 2022, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be appreciated for the upbeat and entertaining album that it is.

The “Projection” is-not with the strict musical term- a fusion album. With common denominator of influence the electric sound, the Slow Burning Car travel from the pop-punk to the metal, exploring the different musical possibilities. Can you jump from the 90’s (pop) punk to psychedelic rock while maintaining a certain coherency? Yes, apparently you can and the Slow Burning Car is the proof.

Another common trace of their sound is that it is always upbeat and vibrant. The songs travel you through different eras of music, sometimes exploring the 90s with the grunge and punk influences, others visiting the 80s and in one occasion they blend the rock ballads with the bouzouki into a surprisingly great sounding combination. Specifically, their grunge influences are present in the opening song of the album, “Public Cynic”, the 80s Van Halen and Motley Crue in the dry and vintage “Diamonds in the Rough”, while the most unique of the songs that it happens, also, to be in Greek, is the track “Meraki” that was definitely and pleasantly unexpected.

Listening to the “Projection” has been some of the most entertaining 57 minutes lately, musically speaking. I can’t find a negative thing to say, the Slow Burning Car’s fifth release is an enjoyable, fun, vibrant, upbeat and entertaining record that will offer you a great listening session. I might have been a bit late but songs like the psychedelic “Garden in Space” have become very dear to me, so I hope that makes up for something. With nothing more to add, the “Projection” is absolutely recommended.

1. Public Cynic
2. Lad-ish Man
3. Diamond in the Rough
4. Funnybone
5.Memoirs of a Gentleman Ghost
6. The Quantum Mariner
7. Seems so Nice
8. Gardens In Space
9. Meraki
10. Transfer Terminal Twelve

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