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Posted 01 Jun 2022 in News

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Slow Burning Car released their new album “Projection”.

This is the fifth full length album for the band from Los Angeles, USA, which has been on the music scene for over 15 years and has already managed to stand out both on the record and live, but and in the movies with their music in the movie “Crash Artist” (Cinebyte Productions 2008).

With their many musical awards, this album brought us great aspirations when it reached our hands and the band did not take long to confirm us! With 10 tracks, which have an interesting production of the 90 ‘but through a technically fresh way, Slow Burning Car come to unfold what they know how to do well and take you on their side by winning over them with their musical characteristics.

By pressing play and letting the album “Projection” sit in your ears, you will encounter heavy and hard rock elements that are evidenced by the well-played guitars and their riffs, the variegated bass, the masterful rhythmic drums and generally the orchestrations , which as a whole have this catchy and rhythmic thing that will make you stick!

But apart from these well-crafted and well-made compositions, what you will stand out and surely love is the way the vocals have been chosen to coexist in the songs of the album “Projection”. Slow Burning Car give us a mix of male and female vocals, where they know how to press and support each other, resulting in the talent of both unfolding, but also to lead each other even more than we thought they could to reach. They really know how to find each other, but also how to tie in perfectly with musical instruments to give us this memorable musical result.

The album “Projection” is the album of Slow Burning Car, which has more personal style than ever and that is something we like. They have completely put aside their influences and now create a 100% pure Slow Burning Car result! They deserve congratulations for this and especially when the release is independent and comes from the bowels of the musicians.

Slow Burning Car with their new album “Projection” offers us an album, which is remarkable from beginning to end and contains 10 songs that could all be well described as hits! You are going to love him and melt him without getting bored of him for a minute!

Well done Slow Burning Car … You gave us your best record release to date !!!

All the tracks are nice, but worth listening to “Lad-ish Man”, “Funnybone”, “Memoirs Of A Gentleman Ghost”, “The Quantum Mariner”, “Meraki” and “Transfer Terminal Twelve” “.

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