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Posted 01 Jul 2007 in Reviews

Slow Burning Car encompasses the entire scope of rock – from indie to alternative, country to metal – and as a result has been called the “future of rock.” With Blowback, it’s still too early to predicate whether or not this claim is true, but it is safe to say that the listener is sure to be intrigued and mesmerized by each of these 12 songs.

“King Con,” the first track on the album, is reminiscent of old punk songs. Danceable and enjoyable, one can’t help but tap a foot along as Troy Spiropoulos sings, “Don’t you wanna get it / I know you wanna get it / I bet you wanna get it / You know you’ll never get it from me.” “Farkytootle” follows, introducing whimsical beats laced underneath harsh, honest lyrics.

As the album progresses, it becomes apparent that this L.A.-based band has the ability to change its sound ever so slightly from track to track, shifting from one subgenre to another, totally unobtrusively. What borders rockabilly at the outset naturally extends to folk by the third track.

The band slows it down a bit on “Respect,” yet the song’s bridge introduces faster vocals and harsher guitar to keep it interesting. Its message is clear and its lyrics resonate: “Respect / They’ll only give you want you earn / You only earn by what you learn / And what you learn might get you burned.”

Listeners will surely not get bored with this album. Hopefully the band’s future forays will sustain this momentum, and reveal another layer beneath the surface of Blowback. (Self-released)

-Allison Bloch

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