Review Blowback: – December 2007

Posted 01 Dec 2007 in Reviews

Reviewed by Mike SOS

An eclectic rock smorgasbord comes to us via Slow Burning Car, whose 12-track “Blowback” emanates with an 80s hard rock foundation and launches from there, reaching into many different branches of the rock tree.

Space rock, country, progressive, and light rock are some of the many colors this amalgamation of musicians work in, sounding like a modern rock radio station playlist set on random as cuts like “A Little Sign,” “I Saw the Mountain,” and “Rumbling Chief” come through the speakers.

Definitely evoking a free form vibe, Slow Burning Car’s presentation urges you to leave inhibitions at the door to truly soak in the quirky concoction brewed up by this California collective.

Slow Burning Car: Troy Spiropoulos – Lead Vocals, Bass; Mike Zimmerman – Drums, Vocals; Corey Birkholz – Lead/Rhythm Guitar; Jim Le – Lead/Rhythm Guitar; Victor Bishop – Keys/Synths/FX, Vocals.

Posted by Troy

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