Review Vol 2 The Scattering: – July 2009

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Slow Burning Car – Vol. 2 – The Scattering


Slow Burning Records

Slow Burning Car is back with Vol. 2 – The Scattering and their press poster for the album is 100% correct, they have indeed refined their sound. And as a unit, Slow Burning Car is better for it. Instrumentation and composition are tighter, and as a whole this album flows much better than the band’s previous release (Blowback).

Slow Burning Car explores various genres of rock, covering almost all of the rock spectrum in a mere 12 tracks. To sum it all up in a phrase, I’m impressed. Lyrically there is a wide span of subject matter, including mythological themes, science fact and fiction, evolution of oneself, “damn the man” style political commentary… again all my personal favorites in the lyric contents.

Vol. 2 – The Scattering contains “Adama”, “Ghola”, “Zeus”, “Blowback”, “In The Trees”, “Marry Me”, “Man In Crisis”, “Call My Bluff”, “Harum Scarum”, “First Class”, “Siren”, and “Fabians Stroll”.

Choice cuts are “Adama”, “Ghola”, “Blowback”, “First Class”, and “Siren”.

Slow Burning Car gets a 4.5 out of 5 for Vol. 2 – The Scattering.

Slow Burning Car is Troy Spiropoulos (vocals, guitar, bass, keys, percussion, lead guitar), “Jim” Duc V. Le (lead guitar), Victor Bishop (piano, keys, backing vocals, lead vocals), Sheila McSherry (backing and lead vocals), Krista Ray (backing vocals), Mike Zimmerman (drums, backing vocals), and Burt Malcuit (engineering, production recon, lead guitar).

– Michael Meade

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