Review Vol 2 The Scattering: Lost Anarchy Magazine Review – August 2009

Posted 01 Aug 2009 in Reviews

Lost Anarchy Magazine Review – August 2009
Vol.2 disc review – Lost Anarchy Nagazine (Aug. 2009-Rob Sherriff)

It’s a little bit Rock N Roll, a tad of punk, and a bit of everything. That’s Slow Burning Car. Slow Burning Car brings rock and alternative together with a little punk edge.”Vol.2 – The Scattering” has a creative style of well written songs and upbeat tempo that brings a great diversity to this cd. I really liked the songs Ghola, Call My Bluff, and Man In Crisis. With a little bit of everything mixed together, Slow Burning Car is definitely heading in the right direction. 106.7 KROQ…what are you waiting for??

Hollywood Sherriff Productions gives this cd thumbs up!
Rob Sherriff (Lost Anarchy Magazine – August 2009)

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