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Review Blowback: Metal-Blast.Com Review – June 2009

Posted 01 Jun 2009 in Reviews

Slow Burning Car – Blowback Slow Burning Car is an up and coming punk rock band from LA, with a sound mix of 80s punk rock and new Californian punk, with elements of some good ‘ol fashioned heavy metal. In other words you get some good rock music for your listening to, or set your car on fire to. Cover/Booklet: 5 El Caminos out of 10 The front cover has a road sign of a burning car on it, with flames in the background, flames are always cool, so that’s a plus. The booklet has pictures of all the members of the band members and session players, the lyrics to the songs, and some thanks in the back. The tray of the cover is...

Review Blowback: Tastes Like Rock! Music Magazine Review – April 2009

Posted 01 Apr 2009 in Reviews

Slow Burning Car – Blowback Indie/Alternative/Grunge Slow Burning Records Slow Burning Car is a one band army of musicians, making each song a new experience as band members take a revolving door approach with a different set of musicians on each song. I like that. This also provides some great genre crossover, indie ballads (Suddenly, A Little Sign), alternative style introspections of the songwriter’s progress through life and love (I Saw The Mountain, Low), and a song that would play out perfectly as what I’ll dub a “grunge western” (Rumbling Chief); amongst others. Slow Burning Car is definately a band I recommend looking up, and Blowback is an album to add to your collection. Blowback’s twelve tracks are: King Con, Farkytootle, Low, I Saw The...

Review Blowback: Snobsmusic.net Review – January 2009

Posted 01 Jan 2009 in Reviews

Slow Burning Car is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based Troy Spiropoulos. Spiropolous writes the songs, plays bass, guitar, piano, and percussion on the band’s latest album, Blowback. Surrounded by a capable cadre of thirteen guest musicians (which includes LA Guns’ Tracii Guns), Spiropolous creates music that straddles the line between multiple genres. Hard rock, hair metal, southern rock, AOR, blues and progressive rock all have an influence in Slow Burning Car’s sound. Most of the tracks on the record will appeal to the hard rock fan. Although, Spiropolous demonstrates strong songwriting and an ear for the hook on jams like “A Little Sign” and “Suddenly” (which could easily be a modern rock radio hit). Blowback’s finest moments...

Review Blowback: Maximum Ink Magazine Review – December 2008

Posted 01 Dec 2008 in Reviews

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 Maximum Ink Magazine disc review (December 2008) CD Review Slow Burning Car – Blowback Slow Burning Car Blowback Record Label: Trifonic Laboratories Review by Chris Fox December 2008 These guys are out to simply rock, and enjoy playing their music. The album starts out with the words “Fe, fi, fo, fum” and the ridiculousness just progresses from there. Mixing punk rock ideas and vocals with folk guitar and excellent song writing creates a twelve song album that is 100% one of a kind. This album mixes both peppy and slow songs as well as both dark and upbeat lyrics creating the pleasant obscurity that is SLOW BURNING CAR. They’ll show you exactly who and what they are with no compromise. The respectable ideals and...

Review Blowback: Music Emissions Review – October 2008

Posted 01 Oct 2008 in Reviews

Disc Review – Music Emmisions (Oct.2008) What do you say about a cut up of tracks and styles? Often times cheesey, other times ballsy and rhythmic. Slow Burning Car is an artist collective hailing from Southern California. Most of their guitar work is a constant almost bubbly metal sound. Often times they are goofy with backing vocals like the goofy titled “Farkytootle”. Other tracks are blitz’s of generic bar rock with a shit-eating grin. There is no method to this madness, or particular sound they are intimate with, and that may be the most impressive aspect of this release. There is no humility involved in this for them, as they are creating full-sounding...

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