Assumption Disc Review: (July 2013)

Posted 11 Sep 2013 in News, Reviews

Making it happen for a third time are Los Angeles rock band Slow Burning car as their album “Assumption” takes us across a riff infested American landscape in search of their very own yellow brick road.
Their previous album – has it really been 4 years? – “Volume 2 – The Scattering” established this band as a thinking man’s rock band with the necessary lyrical and musical skills and imagination to walk the line of radio friendliness whilst keeping your ears off balance. Certainly, it is that left of centre lyricism so evident in their previous album that livens up both the dystopian bleakness of “Blake” and the candyfloss sidewalk strutting of “Carnaby Shuffle”. It’s a maturity thing for this band without a doubt and it is that very maturity that allows you to forgive the occasional directionless ramble – and I shall name “Scorpio Complex” as the offender – on their journey to meet the musical Wizard of Oz once more and thank him for he gave them last time around.
The playing is neat and tidy throughout and you get the feeling that Slow Burning Car are the kind of band that would be incapable of making a bad album. Or a dull album for that matter. Much like the Sensational Alex Harvey Band really.

The album is available from CD Baby.

Review by: Bluesbunny

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