SBC – Public Cynic (Single Review) by Beach Sloth

Posted 31 Dec 2020 in News

June 11, 2020 – Slow Burning Car goes for an early 90s alternative rock swagger with the powerful “Public Cynic”. The live spirit of the song further lends to its infinite charm. Vocals are snarled with just the right level of attitude. Everything about the piece deserves to be blasted – from the blown-out quality of the guitars to the physicality of the drums. With nods to Kim Deal’s The Breeders project, the work has an infinitely catchy quality. Nor do they ever let up, choosing instead to roam with a sense of pure unbridled freedom.

The din of a live audience sets the tone for the work. From there they really blast forward with a righteous fury. Attention to detail results in some impressive guitar heroics. Everything about the piece simply soars up into the sky. Nearly cinematic in its tact, Slow Burning Car does not let up at all. Mixed front and center, the vocals have a cathartic determined quality to them. Guitars intermingle, with layer upon layer of sound filtered into the track for maximum impact. Virtually a force of nature at times they let the buildup happen with such gleeful abandon. Riffs race through for the sheer amount of energy involved feels truly palpable. For the final stretch they return to the sound of the audience, letting the piece go full circle.

“Public Cynic” shows off Slow Burning Car’s defiant spirit, featuring an approach that lingers in the mind long after the track has ended.


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