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Posted 05 Oct 2022 in News

Slow Burning Car from Los Angeles, USA is not a new-coming band in the rock/metal scene. They have been around for 15 years already and have gained respect for their decent live shows, their passionate work and their persistence and consistency in releasing their music.

Slow Burning Car’s discography numbers already 5 albums: Blowback (2007), Vol. 2-The Scattering (2009), Assumption (2013), Defection (2017), and Projection which is their latest release. For those still unfamiliar with Slow Burning Car, the band’s sound is a really cool mix of alternative rock with grunge music and heavy metal. The riffs they use owe a lot to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, but they do have a 90’s freshness that we happen to find in acts like Queens of The Stone Age, Soundgarden and the Foo Fighters. The experimental rock passages are similar to a Sonic Youth mixed with Husker Du sound, while they also feature some Psychedelc Hawkwind bits.

The least we can say is that this is a really very interesting combination. The songs in Projection have a secret energy that can be heard even at the quietest moments of the album and this energy will surely explode sooner or later on every song. So, the opening track “Public Cynic” is a favorite because it carries almost everything the band has to show. It starts off the album in a very dynamic way. The musicianship is impressive and so is the songwriting. The female vocals totally rock! Other stand-out tracks are: the single “Lad-ish Man” which is a groovy song with solid rhythmical parts and pop melodic lines, “Memoirs of a Gentleman Ghost”, “The Quantum Mariner” which has some prog rock elements added in for extra flavor, the 9-minute opus “Gardens In Space” where psychedelic and progressive attitude is carefully build, and the Greek titled “Meraki” that honors the band’s main-man’ Troy Spiropoulos origins in the best possible way.

“Projection” is a super cool album and one that fans of guitar driven rock music will surely dig. It has practically everything you need. Go ahead and try it!

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