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Hello Troy and welcome! First of all, how were your live shows in Greece for you? Which cities and venues did you play and how do you feel about it?

The live shows were incredible and we hope to come back summer of 2024 to
play more festivals. We played The Holywood Stage in Athens and the Eightball Club in Thessaloniki both of which were terrific clubs in terrific cities.

Troy, you are of Greek origin. Please tell us more about it. How many years have you been in the States and what does Greece mean to you?

My herritage is Greek but I was born in the US. My father was from Kamenitsa (outside of Tripolis) and my mother’s parents were from Kalamata and Athens (but she was born in the US). At some point I would like to live in Greece half of the year and the other half in the US.

Is it because of your Greek origin that you decided to use bouzouki in the Iron Maiden cover you guys did in the classic song Wasted Years?

Well I always enjoyed playing that song acoustically around my house and in the back yard. I have a Greek friend here in Los Angeles (Andy Georges…soy apo Ipiro) and I just called him one day and asked if he would like to add bouzouki just to see how it would sound.

The Iron Maiden cover of Wasted Years is included in your new album “Vicarious Disclosures”. What can we expect to listen in this album?

Many different styles of rock. Metal, Grunge, Garage Rock/Punk,…even some acoustic tracks.

“Vicarious Disclosures” is your 6th album! What does it mark for the band and what does it mean especially for you?

I’m really surprised that we have gotten to the point that we have recorded a sixth album. I think Shapeless/Faceless and Crime Minister are two of the best songs we’ve ever written.

You guys have performed live and shared the stage with some of the legends of the rock industry (Ace Frehley of K.I.S.S., Uriah Heep, Dokken, Tom Kiefer, Warrant, and Great White). Which has been your best live experience to date?

The Ace Frehley, Uriah Heep, and Tom Kiefer shows went very well.

Your co-vocalist Krista Ray left the band during the recordings of “Vicarious Disclosures”. Does she appear in the album? Have you hired a new member or will solely hand the vocal duties from now on?

Yes the song B.F.U. is entirely written lyrically and musically by her. She also handled the backing vocals on 7 out of the ten songs on the album and did a fantastic job. She moved out of Los Angeles and it was very tough for her to continue with the band, but we miss her and are still supportive of each other. She is still one of my closest friends. We have added Kim Claybourne to the band to help with vocals live. She performed in Greece with us last April. She is also singing on the tracks Shapeless Faceless and Hardtime Walking on the new album.

Do you see Slow Burning Car as an Alt. Metal or as a Hard Rock band and why?
I see them as both because we write in many different song styles. I would say a bit more metal.

Slow Burning Car covered the 1974 George Dalaras and Stavros Kougioumtzis’ song “To Poukamiso To Thalassi” during the Holywood Stage, Athens, 4-1-2023 live. Have you ever consider releasing a covers album with Slow Burning Car?

No but now that you mention it that might be a possibility!

What will be the next steps for Slow Burning Car and how do we order “Vicarious Disclosures” and other goodies from you?

Performing live overseas as well as nationally to promote this new album. All music can be obtained through itunes and Cdbaby. You can also subscribe to us on Spotify. For all merch go to or contact directly

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